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Initially founded in 2001, Miskolc-based Agyagbanda [ɒɟɒɡbɒndɒ] has been performing in the current formation for four years. All members started playing publicly at the Csángó [ʧaːŋoː] folk dance evenings, regularly held in Miskolc, Hungary since 1993.

From the outset, the band’s dedication has been primarily to preserving and maintaining the heritage of the Moldavian Csángós’ instrumental and vocal music, dances and folk traditions.

The Moldavian Csángó people live east of the easternmost range of the Carpathian Mountains in today’s Romania, their vocal music representing one of the oldest dialects of Hungarian folk music.

While in the beginning the band focussed their efforts on mastering how to play this music in its original form, they never lost sight of the modern world they live in. They continue to readily make excursions into other genres to please today’s demanding audiences – sometimes even using a completely different instrumentation.

In addition to giving concerts, Agyagbanda regularly accompany folk dance evenings, teach folk songs and give tutorials on traditional folk instruments, such as flutes, the kaval, the violin, the kobsa and the double-sided drum.

With a qualified dance teacher ‘on the staff’, Agyagbanda always guarantee a great atmosphere at any function or event with an audience willing to learn and ready to dance.

Csaba Barsi – drum, vocals and dance teacher
Arnold Tóth – flute, kaval and vocals
Ádám Fáy – violin and saxophone
Tamás Labant – kobsa and guitar

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